Mary Loyer: Founder of Red Lipstick Inc.

Mary Loyer: Founder of Red Lipstick Inc.

Welcome Ladies! As a Speaker and Relationship Coach, I will show you a new perspective on how to be confident woman as bold as red lipstick! If you've ever been frustrated by the men in your life or felt overwhelmed trying to find your own balance and harmony, you have come to the right place for some answers!

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About Mary Loyer

September 22, 2008

As a self-proclaimed Harmony Expert, Mary has always been obsessed with the beauty that happens when things naturally come together, like the harmony of music, the harmony of colors in a painting, and the harmony of people working together. Harmony is a term used to describe the process of playing or singing two or more different notes at the same time to form chords. The beauty of an orchestra is the amazing sound created by all the different instruments playing together in harmony. Mary noticed this beauty early on in her life. At eight years old, she remembers organizing the groceries in the cart while shopping with her Mom, thinking to herself that all the different shapes and sizes ought to have enough space to be different rather than be smooshed to conform to the shopping cart. This obsession grew into a desire to create harmony with people, especially having experienced the pain of seeing her parents live without it. Little did Mary know that this would drive her to inspire and help people see the beauty in their differences.

This lead to her 14 year career in cosmetics and sales providing a wonderful opportunity to study the beauty of all different women. She learned how powerful women really are. Connecting with women, helping them feel beautiful, and learning about what motivates them, she learned how compassionate, caring, giving, and smart women are. Yet, in the midst of the power and beauty, it seemed many women felt powerless and frustrated when it came to getting what they needed from the men in their lives. They often mentioned that they didn’t understand why their husband, boyfriend, or male colleague would ignore them, refuse to help out, or forget important details about a project or occasion happening in their lives. It had them feel unimportant, and in some cases hurt and angry. Mary again recognized this pain from the lack of harmony. It wasn’t until years later that she found the answer after studying with Alison Armstrong, Relationship Expert, and author of “Making Sense of Men”. She quickly learned how to interpret many of the misunderstandings that can happen with men and women, helping to relieve much suffering and pain in her own life.

Her own revelations were so profound, that she re-connected with her father after 5 years of denying his existence, and now Mary describes how cute, caring and supportive her father is–a far difference from the absent-father she described before. She now has a better understanding and peace about the end of her previous marriage, and she is pleased to have greater harmony and less frustration with all men. She enjoys a loving relationship with her boyfriend of three years, and knows how to have what she needs and wants with much less effort and a lot more fun!

Inspired by her own harmony with men, she studied with Alison Armstrong for three years, and became certified to teach her research filled with helpful revelations about men. Mary now coaches women who would like to gain the tools to have happier relationships with the men in their lives. The women who work with Mary get to see the humor in their day to day challenges and celebrate the beauty of it all with the help of her practical tips and tools. They learn how to celebrate every moment—the happy times, crazy times, and the ever changing times. Her goal is to help women live life with confidence and lots of color as bold as red lipstick!

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