Mary Loyer: Founder of Red Lipstick Inc.

Mary Loyer: Founder of Red Lipstick Inc.

Welcome Ladies! As a Speaker and Relationship Coach, I will show you a new perspective on how to be confident woman as bold as red lipstick! If you've ever been frustrated by the men in your life or felt overwhelmed trying to find your own balance and harmony, you have come to the right place for some answers!

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EmpoweredWomeniYesterday I read an interesting study about women, by The Boston Consulting Group in 2009.  The study of 100,000 women in the United States revealed three major challenges plaguing women in their lives:

-Managing their household and finances

-Too many demands on their time

-Not enough time for themselves

I found these results so interesting, and I could relate as I know I have discussed these same three things with many of the women I know.  It does seem that in our society where a woman may have a successful career, a family, and other community responsibilities, all at once, she can feel as though someone always needs her at any given moment.  It might even seem impossible to get the time she needs to take care of herself.

I notice in my life, sometimes, I’ll even commit to certain responsibilities with out realizing that I didn’t plan for ME time in the midst of it all.  It’s a natural instinct as women to want to nurture and take care of the people in our lives.  We can be so good at adapting, that we may forget to fill our own tanks before continuing the marathon.  Who fills us up when we are approaching empty?

After reading this study, I started to wonder –Do the people in these women’s lives know that they are overwhelmed in these three areas of their life?  I wonder if their husbands, boyfriends, children, friends, or co-workers knew that they were having these challenges, might they want to help or relieve their stress in some small way?

I admit that I forget to ask for help and it can seem quicker to do things myself.  Then I finally have to listen to my body when it’s boycotting any clear thinking until I give it some well-deserved sleep.  Sometimes– time for ourselves is demanded by our bodies, and we have no choice ( I am experiencing this as we speak, while my body is demanding I give it much rest to recover from the flu).  When this happens, it can pose an inconvenience, and really disrupt our lives.  Though, isn’t it interesting, how when we’re sick, the people we love all come out to give us a helping hand? 

Why not empower ourselves to ask for help before we are desperate for it?  If you are experiencing certain challenges in your life, especially with the demands of your time—perhaps you’ll decide to make 2010 the year of your liberation.  Rather than assume you must do it all alone, I encourage you to make a list of all the things that demand your time, and take away from filling your tanks of love, patience, fun and any of the other amazing qualities that make you–YOU.   If it involves your kids or your family, discuss those tasks with your husband.  Who knows, you might find that he can help you find a solution, especially if it means he can experience his loving, patient, fun wife being less over-whelmed.

If your tanks are on empty for other reasons, be sure to reach out to your friends who can support you and lend a helping hand, even it’s a ride to the gym to make sure you exercise that day.  Here’s to an amazing 2010 filled with many empowering moments and full tanks to help us be the women we want to be!!

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